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Steve is just an ordinary guy looking for love. When he finally meets his soul mate, they settle down and start a family. But when his lady love heads off on her own, Steve finds out just how hard being a responsible dad can be.

But wait. Steve is not a run-of-the mill human dude; he’s an Antarctic penguin and the main focus of the latest Disneynature feature. Penguins opens nationwide on April 17th—just in time for Earth Day—and is the first Disneynature movie to be released in IMAX.

Steve will no doubt capture the hearts of children and viewers of every age level, hopefully opening eyes and minds to a better understanding of our increasingly fragile planet and all who inhabit it.

Disneynature’s Penguins
Disneynature’s Penguins
The film crew spent three years
in Steve’s environment and endured
weather conditions that included
temperatures falling to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and winds topping 150 miles an hour. Their herculean efforts have paid off, though, in a story guaranteed to charm audiences of all ages around the world.

Roy Conli is one of the three crack
British nature movie-makers responsible for bringing Penguins to fruition. He says, “It’s so fun to watch Steve compete with all the other penguins to set up his nest and win his mate. It’s hard not to relate to this guy.”

Penguins is the eighth release for Disney nature, the high-quality Walt Disney Studios offshoot that has been turning out award-winning films since April of 2008. Disney himself was a pioneer in wildlife documentary filmmaking and gave 13 True Life Adventures to the world between 1948 and 1960. Eight of them earned Academy Awards.

Disney has an amazing platform,” says Charles Knowles, president and
co-founder of the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN). “They’re able to reach
a global audience in a way that we can hardly fathom. They are uniquely
positioned to tell the real story of penguins and the challenges they face.

By teaming up with Disneynature—which is so strongly aligned with our own mission—we are able to uniquely communicate about the species we care so much

Antarctica is one of Earth’s most remote and harshest environments, but learning
about the starkly beautiful land, the surrounding oceans and the creatures that call it home is an essential part of learning to survive on our increasingly
fragile planet. “I love sharing the story of Steve,” Roy Conti concludes. “[He’s]
a penguin who’s working so hard to thrive in this world and doing his part
for the next generation.”

For every Penguins ticket sold between April 17th and 23rd, Disneynature will
make a donation to the WCN to help protect penguins across the southern

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