Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for April 2022

Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for April 2022

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By Melanie Parncutt

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Astrological Outlook for April


The spotlight is still on you. It’s time to get creative this month, Aries. With the new moon conjunct your sun in your house of self on the 1st of the month, you have the power to start a new beginning and reinvent yourself. Jupiter in Pisces will energize your dreams, and your fantasy world could become your reality if you want it to. 


You will fully embody the bull this month, Taurus. These transits stimulate your ambition. Your friendships will be important to you, but you want to avoid burning bridges. With Mercury transiting fiery Aries and steadfast Taurus, you may come off aggressive and rigid. The full moon in your 6H will shine light on the people and routines that are limiting your potential, but the partial eclipse in your home sign of Taurus at the end of the month will propel you forward. 


Entertainment should be a priority for the whimsical Gemini, and April is your playground. Your houses of creativity and adventure will be filled with energy at the start of the month, and you should take advantage of this overflow of inspiration. Exploring intellectual pursuits are favorable this month, and you may even stumble across a new love interest on your journey. 

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It is not time to relax just yet, dear Cancer. You are being pushed to redefine your comfort zone this month, but Mars transiting your house of transformation and intimacy will give you the confidence to make the necessary leaps. You have the opportunity to enhance your public image and get the recognition you deserve in your career. Keep working! 


The blazing sun in Aries ignites your inner fire, doesn’t it Leo? Your dedication to your goals is clear, but you have a tendency to rush. Try not to be impulsive. This April, remember that partnerships of all sorts can be your bridge to success. A conversation about your passions with a friend, romantic interest or colleague could open new doors for you. 


Are you ready for the next level, Virgo? The new moon in your house of resources indicates new sources of income or material possessions. Be cautious though Virgo, because the full moon on the 16th could expose the baggage and details of a previous financial agreement. Your planet of luck will also be transiting your house of partnerships, so you may want to explore the ways your connections benefit your life.


Finally, some romance! This April is in your favor, amorous Libra. This is a time to lead with love like you do best, and find new ways to incorporate love into your day to day life. The full moon in your home sign will challenge you to balance self love with your deep love for those you care about. Remember to make time for yourself every day, too! 


You don’t always have to be so serious, Scorpio! April will give you the energy to explore lighthearted pleasure. Has your friend asked you to join a new activity and you keep putting it off? The new moon in your house of daily life supports new habits and routines. This is the month to try something fun for your own enjoyment. 


Your home life will continue to reap the benefits this month, Sag. April’s new moon will give you the opportunity to expand your network even wider, and short distance travel is beneficial. Your social life is important and your adventurous nature will shine through your interactions! You can get a little too busy with all your plans though, and the full moon in the sign of balance will inspire you to slow down and be more present at the end of the month. 

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An important conversation with your loved ones needs to happen this month, Capricorn. Themes of communication will be critical this April; how do you communicate your needs? The full moon could help you put together the right words you were looking for, and give you the confidence to patch up some misunderstandings with siblings or other family members. Ask for help when you need it. 


The lighter energy this month should feel like a relief for you, Aquarius. Money will continue to flow to you effortlessly, but Venus and Mars will be transiting your watery second house so you should be cautious about overspending. Your home and family life will become important toward the end of the month as the sun moves into your grounded house of home. 


You probably feel the intense emotions rising to the surface already, intuitive Pisces. With Venus in dreamy Pisces for most of the month, you will attract people left and right. Even though you will have the energy to be outgoing, you may sense an abundance of underlying frustration at the start of the month with Mars transiting your house of the unseen. You can turn that anger into motivation as it enters your house of self on the 14th.