Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for February 2022

Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for February 2022

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Happy February!

The New Year makes it’s real beginning on February 3, when Mercury finally turns direct. In January, we had two heavy-hitting planets in retrograde, Venus and Mercury, so it most likely felt like you were running a marathon in mud. We now have clear skies ahead from February 3 to April 29, when the planets are supportive. Make sure to launch all new projects during this time.


Despite the Venus and Mercury retrogrades, you’re getting ready to receive an energetic boost to your 11th house of friends and group activities. Life is a cabaret, ol’ chum and you’re the entertainment director. 

Afterthought: Virtual dreams could become your reality.


You’re unstoppable! Now that the Sun is in your house of career and ambition, all bets are off for our Taurus friends. 

Afterthought: You’re riding a wave, but one that requires careful planning. You know you love wallowing in those lists.

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With the Sun in your adventure zone, you’ll be tempted to click “book now” on that flight to Ireland, or Zimbabwe. Just do it! 

Afterthought: Gems are primed for side hustle success. Don’t worry, you can dream first and “reality” later.


You’re craving a soul connection. But first you’ll need to come out of your shell to manifest those lusty vibes. 

Afterthought: Already attached? Could be next-step time. Time to merge, look for rings or maybe….baby?


It’s a perfect time to plant those seeds for long-term partnerships. This could be anything from personal to business partnerships. The seeds you plant today could bring gorgeous blooms in a surprisingly short amount of time. 

Afterthought: To get what you want; you have to ask for it. Put it in words.


Recommit to those self-care resolutions. You know, those resolutions you made while drinking champagne on December 31st. Time is ripe to jump back on that wellness wagon. 

Afterthought: The Universe is asking that you ramp up and streamline your day-to-day. You know you love that stuff!

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St. Valentine is making an early arrival, Libra. Welcome in that life-affirming juju and celebrate “la bella vita.” Accept invitations or better yet, throw your own shindig. 

Afterthought: If anything isn’t sparking your passion or lifting you up, swipe left, baby. 


With the Sun transiting your fourth house of home and nesting, you’ll be craving domestic bliss. Sitting in front of the fire. Reading that deep-dive novel. Baking cookies. All activities you’ll adore for the next few weeks. 

Afterthought: If a move is in your future, start your search today. You’ll be moving by March.


Going stir crazy? That feeling of being stuck is washing away and your people-loving self is back in the driver’s seat. 

Afterthought: Connections are popping up at every turn. If you’re looking for love, think less interneting and more networking.


I’m sorry to say that your birthday celebrations have ended. Sniff. The good news is the Sun is now in your money zone. Cha-ching! Get down into that industrious groove and make hay. 

Afterthought: Are your finances in disarray? Time for some belt-tightening to make it easier for the days ahead.


Have you been feeling like you’re on an emo-roller coaster? Well, those days are ending and it’s time to enjoy your birthday season! Happy birthday, Water Bearers! 

Afterthought: You’re ready for your personal new year. Set your intentions and get ready to take off in 2022.


Let the healing begin! Things will be slowing down as you prepare for your birthday month which begins February 18. Now is the perfect time for reflection and setting intentions for your new year. Afterthought: Declutter and detox everything from your closets to your body.


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