Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for June

Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for June

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Happy Retrograde Season!

Are your wires getting crossed? Messages scrambled? Feeling a general sense of malaise? It’s retrograde season in astrology and we’re through the looking glass, Alice.

Keep in mind that “retrograde” isn’t a bad thing. It’s the Universe’s way of encouraging us to reflect. It gives us the opportunity to examine our current path and make course corrections before it’s too late. Our society runs so fast, it’s good for us all to take a time out for reflection.  Any of the “re” words are perfectly suited for retrograde; reflect, review, renew.  You get the picture.

In addition to the retrograde planets Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, we have a potent eclipse on June 10. After the past few years of disruptive eclipses, I wouldn’t blame you if the word “eclipse” sends your pulse racing.  No worries, this month’s eclipse will be a point of positive change.

An Astrological Outlook for the Signs


You’re in a new cycle of life that ushers in creative freedom.  Think of June as the month of wearing your metaphorical training wheels.  Are you ready to go out into the world full-throttle?  Probably not.  That’s what a retrograde month is all about; gaining strength.  You’ll be ready soon. This is the time to ask questions. For example, are there areas in your life where you’re thinking small? Not satisfied? Time to do a deep dive, as you have plenty of time to realign yourself with your true path.  Everything is on the table, from your career to your home life. 

Extra credit points if you can make time and energy for joy and play. That’s the secret, Aries. Joy begets more joy. 


There’s good news and there’s challenging news.  The challenging news is that you have Uranus in your sign. Uranus is the planet of truth, shake ups, and lightning bolt revelations. Look back to February for clues as to how this month will progress. The good news is that anything that isn’t serving you well will fall away. Focus on the day to day, namely your home and family, and taking care of yourself. This too shall pass and what remains will be stronger than before.

Extra credit points for taking time each day to make a gratitude list. What you focus on will grow. 


Happy Gemini Season! This is unlike any Gemini season you have dealt with in a long time. Clarity? Yes. Expansion? You’ve got it. Moving forward? Not so fast. With an eclipse in Gemini on June 10 and retrogrades in the arena of self-definition, spirituality and career, this is a time of reinvention (another “re” word). This is a month for allowing the dust to settle. Just chillax and stay out of your own way.

Extra credit points for not indulging in depression or a sense of malaise. Stay positive because the Universe has a plan for you and it’s a good one, my Twin friends!

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Happy Birthday Season, Crabbies. Still dealing with relationship and partnership issues, are you? I know you are so done with that and I can’t blame you.  It seems like relationship issues will never end. But it is ending and the progress you have made over the past three to five years will all begin to make sense. Revisit (a “re” word for the season) your previous relationships for clues as to what not to do. Your partner is not your parent or a past lover. 

Extra credit points for facing up to your own passive aggressive tendencies and roadblocks that you may have created for yourself. It’s part of the whole Cancer “thang.” The universe is giving you a second chance.


Now that you have Venus and Mars moving into your sign, you’re feeling the wind come back into your sails. The one drawback is that it’s retrograde season, which gives you a push-me-pull-you type of vibe. Are you surrounded by friends and collaborators who see you for the real you or are there people in your life that are holding you back with old, outdated notions of who you are. If so, it’s time to let them go with love. If it doesn’t serve your future version of you, it’s time to revise and let it go. 

Extra credit points for allowing yourself to wallow in your own joy. To paraphrase “It’s A Wonderful Life,” “Every time you create joy, an angel gets their wings.”


Hey, Virgo. I’ve got a message for you from the Universe; “You’re giving too much.” Yes, it’s time to slow down and take care of you.  You know the saying, “You can’t serve from an empty vessel.” Now is the perfect time to examine who you are, your beliefs, your limits and relationships. June is a big old TIME OUT; time to plot the course for the rest of 2021. 

Extra credit points for every spa day, mani-pedi and solo outing you take for yourself this month.  The world will still turn if you aren’t organizing the kitchen cabinets.


You have some questions to ponder this month, Libra, and some major house cleaning in the friendship, network department of your life. Your social season is around the corner, but before this can commence, you need to take a look at the current connections in your life. Venus and Pluto are nearing an important square, and this means it’s time to let go of some of the relationships that aren’t serving you well. Librans are the quintessential friend collectors, but sometimes dead wood is dead wood. 

Extra credit points for reconnecting with an old mentor, most likely male since the tenth house rules father’s and men. In this time of examining connections, it’s good to honor the mentors who matter most.


No one appreciates a good old-fashioned transformation like a Scorpio.  It’s the fundamental purpose of being a Scorpio. This retrograde examination time is fabulous for you.  In order to get your mojo back in prime working order, explore your personal history, starting from your childhood. Who made you feel less than?  Like you didn’t fit in? Perhaps it’s time to contact an old childhood pal and have a nice trip down memory lane.  Pick their brain and examine your childhood from another point of view.

Extra credit points for exploring why you allowed another person to make you feel “less than.” Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”


You’re in the mood to connect and explore the questions of love and partnership. Who do you love?  Who loves you?  The answer is everyone! The push to communicate and connect with a partner is imminent, but do watch out for the smother factor. A little togetherness can go a long way. There is confusion in the air which could tap the breaks on some of your big plans, but do not panic. The end of the month could bring a game changing career opportunity in your direction.

Extra credit points for taking a breath, taking your time and allowing things to happen on their own time frame. It’s not the Sag way, but it’s right for this month.


You’ve made such great strides recently, Cappy. You’re still holding back and afraid of trusting others and opening yourself up to love and life. Mercury is retrograde in your health zone, so wash your hands, take your vitamins D and Zinc and maybe get in some exercise and meditation. There is a powerful full moon in your sign on June 24, with a special emphasis on a power project.  Look back to January and see what seeds you planted at the new moon.  Chances are, those seeds are starting to peek their heads.

Extra credit points for not retreating inward, for going slowly and not trying to control everything. Spoiler alert: There is no control.


This is your year, Aquarians, but even in your special year, you’re still subject to retrograde season just like the rest of us mere mortals.  You might find yourself feeling sluggish, and the wheels may be turning slower than you’d like. Give yourself the next few months, maybe through early fall, to gain clarity on your fondest ambitions and projects. The good news is that Jupiter is in your second house of money, so you’re bound to have some extra jingle.  Make sure to squirrel some of that away for a rainy day.

Extra credit points for living in the moment and taking a look at how you’re expressing yourself day-to-day.

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Having Jupiter transit your sign is like having your birthday every day. Maybe not quite so great as a birthday, but it is your time to shine, Pisces.  The problem is, Jupiter is going retrograde this month, then back into Aquarius and then back to your sign to finish out 2022. The next few weeks are a preview of coming attractions. Time to project your positive affirmations to the Universe and see what comes in the door. If you’re frustrated with anything this month, it will be the cornucopia of choices at your feet. 

Extra credit points for being honest. Period. You have nothing to be afraid of and nothing to hide. 


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