Planning A Grand English Wedding In Your 70s

senior couple at wedding
Joyful adult wedding couple stands under black umbrella on the street

No matter your age, planning a wedding takes careful consideration, and if many of your guests are mature, there are probably a few extra things to think about. Why not take inspiration from popular British TV shows such as Downton Abbey and Miss Marple mysteries and plan a Grand English Wedding?

Once you’ve settled on an international wedding, there will likely be a few other elements to consider. For example, how will you get everyone to England, and will you pay for them? At the end of the day, the wedding is about you and your partner. Whether it’s your first time down the aisle and you want to create the wedding of your dreams, or you’ve done it before and want this one to be a fun celebration of love, here are a few factors to consider when planning a wedding in England.

How Accessible Is The Wedding Venue?

Though it’s important to pick a wedding venue you love, it’s just as important to make sure all the important people you want present can actually get there. You may have everyone travelling over from the Sunshine State, but you will want to minimize any disruption. Try to find somewhere that is accessible once everyone is in England. This means finding a venue that is accessible by train and not too isolated. Ideally, you’ll want a venue that’s close to a bus or train station or even close to the airport.

What Is Your Budget?

A wedding away from America is going to be costly for the transport alone. Whether you’re going all out to celebrate your union by keeping things simple, you’ll want to consider what your budget is and how you want to assign it. If your guests are more mature in age, do you want to assign more money to make them comfortable after they arrive? Is it the menu you want to make the wow factor of your wedding day? If so, you might want to consider how much you are spending on the wedding venue and where you can make changes. If you’re going to spend on an English wedding, you may as well maximize your budget and find somewhere beautiful. Many Floridians will think of London as the focal point of England, but Kent (on the outskirts of London) has many beautiful spots and could suit your budget. Plus, costs are lower outside of London. Kent has lots of beautiful wedding venues for a lower price that you and your partner should browse.

Have You Considered Guest Numbers?

When it comes to a wedding in your 70s, your guest list will probably go one of two ways: either you’ve got a rather long list of people to invite because the family has grown and you’ve got to know a lot of people through the years, or equally, you might just be wishing for something more intimate with your closest friends and family. Going to England could be the perfect way to cut down this size.

Where Will You Find Accommodations?

Nothing beats a night in a luxurious room to end your wedding day, but what about your guests? Particularly if your guests have travelled all the way from Florida, they would probably appreciate the option of a room to stay in. There are a few ways to do this: either choose a wedding venue with lots of rooms – perhaps a hotel wedding venue would suit – or choose a venue with hotels nearby. Some venues might even have an agreement with local businesses to offer you a discount for your wedding guests. Speak to your guests before you jet off out of the States.


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