How to Prepare During Hurricane Season

How to Prepare During Hurricane Season

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By Rebecca Fending

By no surprise, hurricane season has crept up on Florida residents once again. This year, hurricane season occupies June 1 through November 30. Though there is no reason for panic, we still need to ensure that we prepare ourselves in order to stay safe during hurricane season. Here are a few tips to keep you safe and ready for whatever may come your way.

Prep a hurricane kit for your household

Though this is likely a no-brainer, the best way to pack a preparedness kit is by first choosing a large, sturdy plastic storage container, preferably with a latching lid. According to, some of the items you should keep in your container are a first aid kit, enough water and non-perishable food (don’t forget a can opener!) to satisfy your household for at least three to seven days, flashlights and battery-operated radio (with extra batteries) as well as a waterproof container for documents, money and a lighter. Be sure to also create an agreed upon plan for evacuation and separation.

This example of a hurricane preparedness kit is from user Ashley P on Flickr.
This example of a hurricane preparedness kit is from user Ashley P on Flickr.

Keeping your house safe

Possibly the most important thing is to secure your windows with either shutters, plywood, tape or a preferred combination of all three. Preventing your windows from shattering is important so that glass shards are not spread throughout your house and possibly carried through water. also recommends securing your roof to your house through either straps or heavy-duty clips. Trim any trees, bushes or shrubs to decrease the likelihood of the plant uprooting or spraying thin, sharp twigs as debris.

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Senior-specific preparedness

Though the above points are crucial for all age groups, seniors have their own necessary steps for hurricane preparedness, one of which is to keep at least two weeks’ worth of your medication in the house during hurricane season. Another is that because there is almost always strength in numbers, be sure to find a team (or at least a buddy) that you can either evacuate or hunker down with in the event that weather unexpectedly escalates.

Although hurricanes should be taken seriously by all Florida residents, those of us over 50 should take special care to keep ourselves prepared throughout the duration of the designated season. Be sure to remain vigilant in keeping up with developing weather reports in order to be as prepared as possible. As always, be smart and stay safe.


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