Quartet of Quilts

New York Beauty block pattern quilt
by Linda Hammel & Laurie Kelly


For a high-fiber treat, make
the Dunedin Fine Art Center
your destination this summer.
From June 9 through August 18,
the art center will present three
quilt exhibits and a textile exhibit
that showcase the breadth of
work being done with fabric today,
much of it inspired by nature,
personal or world events.




“New Quilts from An Old Favorite: New York Beauty” is an exhibit of 18 finalists and winning quilts by quiltmakers responding
to a challenge from the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky: to create original quilts in imaginative ways based on the classic New York Beauty block pattern.

“SAQA Florida: Growth.” runs concurrently in DFAC’s Douglas-Whitley and Meta B. Brown Galleries. Florida-based members of Studio Art Quilt Associates share their fiber works created on the themes of “Growth,” such as development, progress,
advancement, expansion, etc.

The third exhibit, “Slow Seeing: Erin E. Castellan,” inhabits
DFAC’s Gamble Family Gallery. The exhibit is an assembly
of embroidered paintings on fabric and paper that capture the provocative vision of an artist.

“Shirt Tales: Portraits by Karol Kusmaul.” SAQA fiber artist Kusmaul showcases figures and portraits composed of upcycled fabrics that she calls her glad rags.

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