How to Repair Major Kitchen Appliances: Guide for Seniors

How to Repair Major Kitchen Appliances: Guide for Seniors

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By Alex Green

We live in a time when a kitchen appliance malfunction is normally solved by simply replacing the defective machine with a new one, instead of looking for affordable appliance repair. The problem with this is that rarely will these kitchen appliances see the end of their useful life, not to mention it contributes to a more wasteful culture. This is why appliance repair is such a great practice as often the problem with your stove, dishwasher, or any other machine can be easily solved.

Of course, not everyone knows how to do it, so we have compiled this simple article with some useful tips for repairing your kitchen appliances.

Kitchen repairs can either be some of the simplest or most challenging projects you face. Image from Pixabay

Flip The Switch

If your kitchen appliance has suddenly stopped working, it might have been simply because the breaker has switched due to a power surge. When something like that happens, your house’s breaker box will automatically cut off the power to that outlet, so there might be a chance that you won’t need to go about with kitchen appliance repair.

To fix it, you have to:

  1. Unplug all kitchen appliances except for the one that has flipped (make sure each has its own dedicated outlet.) 
  2. Go to your breaker box and flip any switch that is going in the opposite direction of the rest. If none of them are going in the opposite direction, flip the master switch.
  3. Wait for a few seconds before flipping it back on and check the appliance to see if it worked.

It might seem like a simple process, but sometimes, fast appliance repair is all about simple yet money-saving solutions.

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Check the Cables

Sometimes small appliance repair is also about identifying and replacing defective parts. In this case, the machine’s cables being faulty or stop working are a classic example.

If your kitchen appliance still refuses to turn on, even after you flipped the switch, check if it was properly plugged in. Checking this out is a simple small kitchen appliance repair that can potentially save you from a lot of trouble down the road since you won’t need to consult with a professional to repair your appliance in question.

Also, remember to check the cable itself to find out if it has any fractures or breaking points, as it might mean you have to replace it. Fret not, however, as most home supply shops sell cable replacement kits for very cheap.

Clean the Filters

Be it your dishwasher, dryer or trash dispenser, many of your kitchen appliances rely on a filter to work. When this filter gets full or dirty, you will have to perform quality appliance repair by replacing or cleaning the filter. 

Before you try, however, check the appliance’s user manual for instructions on where exactly the filter is located within the appliance, as well as to find out all the necessary precautions you need to take while replacing its filter. Remember, every machine is different.

Once the filter has been cleaned, just put it back on and try to use the kitchen appliance again by restarting it to see if it worked.

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Shake It

Appliance repair is not always sophisticated. Sometimes, all you need to do is give your dishwasher or any other kitchen appliance you have a good, sturdy shake. There is actually a very practical truth behind shaking your kitchen appliances when they stop working.

You see if there’s a blinking screen or constant beeping, this can be a symptom of dust, or even bugs, getting stuck on the internal computer sensors. Thus, shaking the appliance will help dislodge them and get the appliance to function again.

To say that actually going through the trouble of repairing your kitchen appliances is a good way to save money is an understatement. 

How often do we find that the most menial of problems can get your kitchen appliances to malfunction, only to be fixed in just a few minutes? Many people don’t, resolving to throw a perfectly functional machine away for no good reason. 

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you managed to easily fix an appliance before, or even after it was thrown away? Or do you not know how to repair appliances at all? 

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