Sammy’s Very Fine Day

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As a grandmother I always try so hard to help my grandkids with things in their
life. For example, my 10-year-old granddaughter Sada brought home a teddy
bear from school. His name was Sammy. It seems all the kids got a chance to take Sammy home and then write a story on what they did with the bear. Now I know
that most family’s reports were probably going to be taking Sammy to the movie or
taking Sammy to the museum, you know that kind of stuff. Therefore as a dedicated
grandmother, I convinced my granddaughter to tweak the report just a bit and give
Sammy’s point of view. It went as follows:

I was so excited to go home with Sada. She let me look out the school bus
window all the way to her house. When we went inside this small barking, jumping
creature came to greet us. It was Sada’s dog Pepsi. “Hi, Pepsi,” I said without moving
my lips. Sada’s mom didn’t look too happy to see us. I learned later that Pepsi gets all
excited when people come in the house and she pee pee’s everywhere.

Pepsi kept jumping up trying to reach me. “Nice doggy,” I said. The next thing I
knew, Pepsi was chewing on my leg. That sweet little doggie dragged me across the
floor while shaking me violently. It must be nice to have a doggie, I thought as I lay
in a heap in the corner.

When Sara came to retrieve me, I met her baby brother Adam. He wanted to
play with me too and tried to rip my head off pulling me out of Sada’s arms. He only
punched me two or three times in the head before Sada’s Mommy intervened. What
a lively household I thought.

We ate dinner really late because they like to wait for Sada’s daddy to come
home. After that, we played these great video games where we got to blow up lots of
people. Then it was time for bed. I was exhausted but that cute little doggie wanted
to play again and was biting my face off when Sada’s sweet little brother saved me.
He only punched me 1 or 2 more times before we all got in bed. I barely slept though
because Sada’s mommy has a cold and she was hacking all night.

I can’t wait to see what terrifying excitement awaits me tomorrow. THE END

I don’t understand why my granddaughter stayed home from school after
this report. Well there’s always some kind of flu going around.


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