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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or National Fruit Cake Day, December is unabashedly the best month of the year.

It is a brightly-lit, candy-coated, music-filled month all wrapped up in a big red satiny bow.

To me, it feels like a Friday all month long. You are ready for the work to end and the celebrations to begin.

Most everyone is in a good mood and goes out of his or her way to do nice things for each other (except those parking space thieves at the mall that steal into that spot you’ve been patiently waiting for).

The biggest sales of the year happen now so shopping becomes imperative, right ladies?

Dress codes are relaxed. Ugly sweaters are the ultimate fashion statement (especially when embellished with cartoon characters, pompoms, lights, jingly things or shoulder pads for an 80s flair). No one will judge you for wearing a Santa hat or bright red leggings in December.

But most of all, this is a time for optimism, good cheer and hope. It’s a time to think about your new, New Year’s Resolutions – do you even remember last year’s?

It’s a time to put all the challenges, sorrows and disappointments behind you. To reflect on this year’s mistakes and correct the course if things are headed in the wrong direction. To tidy up and get your house in order. (That means those of you who still have the plywood window décor installed may take it down now. The hurricane season, thankfully, is over.)

But before you get started, take a few moments to peruse our December issue. We hope you find it relevant,
rewarding, and informative.

December 12th is National
Gingerbread House Day so in
celebration we share its history and furnish you with a no-bake recipe to make your own little gingerbread hut.
It’s a great way to get in touch with your inner child and there’s nothing like an arts and crafts project that you can eat if it doesn’t turn out right.

Check out Mark Higley’s story on four-time Academy Award nominee Annette Benning and her intriguing new movie, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool. It’s about film noir star Gloria Grahame and her love affair with a much younger man.

Enjoy humor, fun, memories and advice from our six – count ‘em six – columnists.

And Kathy Megyeri gives you the lowdown on a memorable visit to the Plant and Edison and Ford Winter Estates museums, all beautifully decorated for the Holidays.

See you in 2018. Happy Holidays and God Bless!

Terri Reeves

“Even before Christmas has said ‘hello,” it’s saying ‘buy buy’.
~Robert Paul


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