Second Sight



Like seasons of the year, our lives rise and dip,
become lost and rediscovered through the mind’s eye.

I did not notice the shades of life as the days and years melded into the past.
Now my memories are cloaked in the greenness of spring, the mauve and
gold of harvest time, and the slate blue of a long winter.

They skim over the surface of my mind like pelicans over the water,
diving deeply when a sweet morsel is liberated from the flotsam and
jetsam that skitter across the waves.

I inhale the sweetness of fresh cut hay; relive the joy of his lips on mine;
feel the mystic pull of the baby suckling at my breast.
And still see his smiling face on the pillow beside me.

I am ageless, embraced by memories that obscure the frailties of the flesh.
Unceasingly, the seasons advance and retreat,
mingling with the melodies of remembered rhythms.

Life, once new, is now framed in review, without regret without adieu.

Congratulations to Mary Neacy of Venice, our Poetry Corner winner. Next month, we will be giving away two sets of two tickets to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa.
We’re looking for Earth Day themes and will pick a winner for Literary Corner
(short story, fiction or poetry piece –500 words or less) as well as a winner for Creative Corner for paintings, drawings or photography. Send your submissions (Word documents or jpegs) with your name and address to The entry deadline is March 13th.


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