Simple, Cost Effective Ways to Avoid the Salon

Simple, Cost Effective Ways to Avoid the Salon
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By Rebecca Fending

Whether you’re unable to leave the house or aren’t quite ready to get back out in public yet, one thing’s for sure: you probably miss your local salon or barbershop visits. And even with Florida businesses slowly opening back up, you may still be hesitant to head out for a haircut or manicure- have no fear, you can do it all at home with the right guidance and tools.

If there’s one thing that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s people’s ability to get creative and crafty out of desperation. From haircuts for men, women and dogs to investing in your own home manicure station, here’s how you can hold off just a bit longer before visiting your salon.

Skip the salon, cut hair at home

At this point, haircuts are becoming an absolute necessity for many people as opposed to more luxurious feeling it carried pre-pandemic. However, how long can you really hold off on a haircut before styling your locks becomes impossible? Although you may need several tools before you start, learning to maintain your haircut at home is a great way to both save money and your health.

Haircuts for Men

Your first instinct may be to just grab a pair of scissors from around the house and go to town on your ends, blindly snipping at the back of your neck or pulling pieces forward and hoping for the best. However, having an actual set of clippers is ideal when trying to create a professional-passing cut. According to Brett Williams with Men’s Health, this is a crucial detail for at-home hair care. Without tools specifically designed for hair, you risk uneven lines or even cutting yourself.

Next, make sure you have a mirror setup. Although standing in front of your bathroom mirror is helpful, you’ll need another standing mirror stationed behind you so that you can see where your clippers, fingers and hair are on the back of your head. This eliminates the blind guess work and acrobatics you would ordinarily have to do without a secondary mirror.

Right before you’re ready to dive in, make sure your hair is damp or wet. This technique helps tame pieces that may otherwise fall out of your grip unknowingly, as well as helps give you a more precise snip. Wet hair also reduces the pull that can happen when cutting through hair. Although you can cut your hair dry, it may make a larger mess or ultimately be uneven.

When in doubt, there are a plethora of online tutorials for cutting, styling and maintaining your hair during quarantine.

Skip the salon and cut your hair at home to help your wallet and your health. Image from Pixabay

Haircuts for Women

Much like the previous points for men’s haircuts, women should be sure to use professional grade scissors, a dual mirror setup and dampening or wash their hair right before the deed. Be sure to have all of your materials in front of you in order to both reduce any hair mess you may have to clean and remind yourself of the different steps you should take in order to achieve your preferred look.

Making sure you have the right tools such as professional grade shears and clippers will help your home cut turn out great. Image from Pixabay

There are arguably a larger number of hairstyles that women can cut for themselves than there are for men. Again, there are a number of tutorials you can watch online to help guide you through your cut. From long hair with layers to a start pixie cut, the possibilities are endless for your head. The biggest thing to watch for it always cut less than what you think you want (wet hair shrinks!) and if you can feel the haircut going south, put down the scissors and step away.

And remember, if you ever cut hair too short, it’s okay! Not only will it grow back, but you can always wear a ball cap until it’s long enough to style or have fixed by a professional.

Haircuts for Dogs

Skipping the doggy salon and grooming your dog at home can be even harder than managing your own head, especially if they’re squirmy. However, the same rules apply: the right tools, damp fur and a tutorial, if needed. Keep in mind that summer is starting, so be sure to trim or groom their fur in a way that will keep them cool in the Florida sun and humidity.

If they have longer fur, be sure to brush it out daily in order to prevent large mats from forming. This way no matter who grooms your baby, you can get your preferred cut as opposed to having to shave them clean.

Gel Manicures at Home

A great way to save money while still pampering yourself is by investing in a gel manicure set. Gel polish isn’t exclusive to nail salons, in fact, you can easily order a starter kit online at any time. With a wide range of brands for any budget, painting your nails at home has never been easier.

Although at-home “manicures” aren’t a revolutionary idea, giving yourself a gel coat is the superior way of having painted nails. Not only does it give and hold a higher shine than traditional polish, but gel polish also lasts two to three times as long as a normal nail lacquer. The gel adheres to your nail thanks to a specialized bottom coat that helps the gel bond to the nail.

Possibly the best thing about using a gel polish is that there’s no dry time. Yes, the polish is immediately dry, set and indestructible as soon as you set it in the UV or LED light chamber for anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds.

So whether you’re in dire need of a haircut or would really like to dabble into salon-quality manicures at home, you can bring the salon into your home with the right materials and instructions. A great alternative for those who are unable to leave the house for any reason, being able to treat yourself at home is a great way to shake away the pandemic blues.


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