Simple ways to thank our veterans


1. It doesn’t always take much to honor a veteran – try just saying “thank you.” Such a small, simple gesture can truly make someone’s day.

2. Show your support – place flowers on the graves of veterans and at home proudly display your American flag.

3. Visit a local retirement home. Offer to scan and print larger pictures of their family members so they are easier to see. Enjoy chatting with some elderly veterans while you’re there, and for a real treat ask them to share their stories.

4. If you own a business, offer a special Veteran’s Day discount.

5. Send a sweet care package through Operation Gratitude. If you donate a stuffed animal, Operation Gratitude can create a “Battalion Buddy” to children of deployed soldiers.

6. From trash to treasure: Donate your old wireless phone so that a care package will be sent to soldiers. Throw all your old expired coupons into the envelope as military families can still use expired coupons for up to 6 months past the coupon expiration date.

7. Help out those on the homefront: Foster a soldier’s pet while they are deployed, or offer to simply pet-sit or baby-sit for a military spouse. They need a night off too.

8. Send this list to a friend who needs help thinking of ways to thank Veterans.

9. And remember – honor our veterans all year long- not just on Veterans Day!


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