Enjoying the Simplicities of Nature in April

Enjoying the Simplicities of Nature in April

Thumbnail photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

By Rebecca Fending 

Possibly the best part of the weather warming up and easing us into summer is the opportunity to start exploring nature again or even enjoying the sun in your own backyard. April is probably one of my favorite months simply because the weather is near perfect (never mind the rain), and the winter blues melt away as it becomes more comfortable to venture outdoors.  

Another aspect that I love about this month is gardening. After all, April is not the designated National Lawn and Garden Month for nothing. I have always loved plants and gardening, although, recently, I have gravitated toward a love of indoor plants. Who knew how fun and easy it would be to propagate different plants to produce an armada of various shades of green in your own living room?  

I remember growing flowers and vegetables from packaged seeds with my mom and brother when I was younger. We would make a trip out of it and go to the garden center in our local home improvement store. My brother and I would get to pick a few different seed packets for various flowers or vegetables that we felt brave enough to attempt at growing. Read: my mom would try (and typically succeed) in nurturing our chosen crops to adulthood for our enjoyment.  

The best way to enjoy nature? Having it under your fingernails. Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels
The best way to enjoy nature? Having it under your fingernails. Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

Eventually, we realized trying to grow vegetable plants from seeds in Indiana was impossible for us. The weather never cooperated, and rabbits or other neighborhood small animals would munch on the complimentary salad we had planted for them. So, as we grew older, Mom’s solution was to buy pre-grown tomato, cucumber and pepper plants and plant them in our raised planting box. This proved to be a smart move—within two or three months, we were snacking on fresh cukes and tomatoes with sea salt. Yum! 

Photo by Benz Studio from Pexels

Celebrate Earth Day in Nature, Too!

However, April also boasts Earth Day on the twenty-second day of the month. This day creates a great excuse to learn more about our planet or even our immediate habitats. Florida has several different nature and wildlife preserves for all to visit, many of which are categorized as national parks. From the Everglades to Wakulla Springs State Park, there are countless places to map on your next road trip.  

Many of these environmental destinations offer an assortment of activities, including kayaking, camping or even easy walking trails. For those who have pets, consider spending the day with them and exploring your local park. Find a walking path that promises to be easy to navigate and let your pup guide you along. The best part? Both you and your pet will sleep well after an active afternoon.  

Nature is for everyone, including our furry counterparts! Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels
Nature is for everyone, including our furry counterparts! Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

So, get out and explore this month. Whether it means you experiment with different soil and plants in your backyard or if you plan a weekend road trip to the park you have been meaning to visit, enjoy some time outdoors.  

Stay safe and we’ll see you in May! 


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