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1. McCartney’s middle name is Paul; his real first name is
(a) George (b) James (c) Jerry

2. Paul McCartney’s dad encouraged his son to learn to play the
(a) trumpet (b) harp (c) piano

3. Young McCartney’s two favorite singers were
(a) Elvis Presley and Little Richard (b) Sam Cooke and Otis Redding (c) Ricky Nelson and Buddy

4. On July 6, 1957, McCartney and John Lennon first met at a Liverpool
(a) school (b) club (c) church

5. McCartney and Lennon once performed briefly as
(a) the Nurk Twins
(b) Johnny and His Pal
(c) the Beach Boys

6. The Beatles took their name from the
Crickets, an American band led by
(a) Del Shannon
(b) Buddy Holly
(c) Brian Wilson

7. The Beatles once performed in nightclubs in
(a) Germany (b) Italy (c) France

8. McCartney’s classic song Yesterday
began with the working title
(a) She Loves You
(b) Scrambled Eggs
(c) I Feel Fine

9. Peter and Gordon’s 1966 hit Woman was written by McCartney, but for the record label credit he called himself
(a) Bob Dylan
(b) Cole Porter
(c) Bernard Webb

10. McCartney sang backup on the Donovan hit
(a) Catch the Wind
(b) Mellow Yellow
(c) Sunshine Superman

11. He wrote When I’m 64 for his
(a) father (b) grandfather (c) uncle

12. McCartney played drums on the Beatles’
(a) Imagine
(b) My Sweet Lord
(c) Back in the USSR

13. In 1969, a worldwide rumor claimed that
(a) McCartney was dead
(b) McCartney and Lennon hated
each other
(c) McCartney wanted to compose
an opera

14. Hey Jude was written by McCartney for Lennon’s
(a) mother (b) wife (c) son

15. America’s Civil Rights Movement inspired McCartney to write
(a) Twist and Shout
(b) Taxman
(c) Blackbird

16. On the Abbey Road album cover, McCartney is the only Beatle shown
(a) smoking a cigarette (b) walking barefooted (c) Both a and b

17. His first No. 1 solo hit was
(a) Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
(b) Ebony and Ivory
(c) Lady Madonna

18. Jet, a hit by Wings, was the name of McCartney’s
(a) first Liverpool girlfriend
(b) black Labrador dog
(c) new private airplane

19. McCartney recorded a No. 1 hit with
(a) Tina Turner
(b) Stevie Wonder
(c) Al Green

20. What is interesting about McCartney writing his acclaimed 1991 classical piece called Liverpool
(a) He refused to accept any payment for it
(b) He cannot read or write music
(c) He was embarrassed by its debut

21. After John Lennon died, the three surviving Beatles were all featured
later on different episodes of
(a) Friends
(b) Seinfeld
(c) The Simpsons

22. In 2008, McCartney became the last Beatle to
(a) get divorced
(b) start a record label
(c) declare bankruptcy

23. As an investment, he bought the entire song catalogue of
(a) Brian Wilson (b) Chuck Berry (c) Buddy Holly

24. McCartney is also an accomplished
(a) painter (b) sculptor (c) ceramicist

25. His 2017 concert tour is called
(a) A Million Memories
(b) Getting Back
(c) One on One

We know you love Paul……but how much do you really know about him? Check your answers here

1. b 2. c 3. a 4. c 5. a 6. b 7. a 8. b 9. c 10. b 11. a 12. c 13. a 14. c
15. c 16. c 17. a 18. b 19. b 20. b 21. c 22. a 23. c 24. a 25. c



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