Stuff Yourself Not the Pets

The holidays are wonderful times to get together with family and friends, bu they also pose risks to your pets who digest food differently than we do. Help keep the little turkeys healthy by following these safety tips.


Foods you may feed your pets include plain, white turkey meat; plain sweet
potatoes, yams, and canned pumpkin; raw apples (no seeds); steamed vegetables
(green beans or broccoli) and rice.

Foods you SHOULD NOT feed your pets are turkey skin, drippings, gravy,
twine or bones; corn on the cob; onions, garlic and mushrooms; raisins and grapes; sage; fat trimmings and fatty foods; bread dough; chocolate, sweets and alcohol.

In addition:

• Keep your pets away from all decorative plants and festive
table decorations (they may contain toxic plants).
• Make sure all foods are not close to table and
counter edges.
• Put trash where your pet can’t reach it.
• Make sure IDs are on your pet in case they bolt out
the door as you’re welcoming guests.
• Know where your closest pet emergency center is
located in case of problems.

~ Tips Courtesy Animal Hospital of Dunedin


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