Celebrate Summer with Captain Greg of Sea-N-Things

Celebrate Summer with Captain Greg of Sea-N-Things
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By Rebecca Fending, all images from the Sea-N-Things website.

With Florida’s recent inability to travel, let alone leave the house, many people are planning trips and activities to do as soon as the stay-at-home order is lifted. If you’re looking for a way to get out into the sun and enjoy Florida’s beautiful weather, Sea-N-Things of Indian Shores is the perfect option. What better way to celebrate your reinstated freedom than planning an adventurous day on the Gulf Coast?  

What Inspired Sea-N-Things?

Sea-N-Things was first brought into existence by Captain Gregory Ingram, or Captain Greg for short. Inspired by living an active life on the Gulf during his childhood in southern Louisiana, he decided to open his own aquatic activity destination. He set out with the purpose to both educate people and allow them to fall in love with the wonders of Florida’s native waters.  

“Growing up in south Louisiana, I’ve always enjoyed the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. My grandfather had a big shrimp boat for as long as I can remember. I remember being about five years old when those trawling nets were being pulled into the boat and dumped everything into the sorting area. I couldn’t believe how many different creatures came out of that net. Of course, we kept all the shrimp and crabs, but my role was to help throw anything we were not keeping back in the water,” Captain Greg recounts. 

“After that, as I looked at any body of water, I always wondered all the stuff that I have not found yet. I’ve always appreciated what the ocean had to deliver.” 

Captain Greg Ingram

After harboring a love for the Gulf all his life, Captain Greg moved to Florida at age 25. He obtained his captain’s license and started conducting fishing charters. However, he eventually decided to open his own aquatic business to help teach both tourists and Florida natives about their surrounding environment. 

“Having my captain’s license already, my wife said ‘buy another boat and do dolphin trips.’ So, I did. When I started Sea-N-Things Boat Trips almost four years ago, during my first dolphin trip we stopped on a local sandbar with my customers and we just started exploring.” 

“We were finding so many cool things like sea urchins, sand dollars, lightening whelks, sea anemones and so much more. This is when I really started my research to learn so much about all this different sea life,” Captain Greg explains. 

This gave birth to his love of learning when it comes to sea creatures. Ever since, Sea-N-Things not only allows Captain Greg to do what he loves, but it also grants him the opportunity for life-long learning.  

What Can I Expect During My Visit?

You won’t just be soaking in the sun, you’ll also have the chance to come in close contact with a variety of aquatic creatures as Captain Greg describes. One of the featured services is that of a visit to a sandbar at John’s Pass, his personal favorite and most popular excursion. Previous guests have detailed finding shelled organisms and fish dancing among the sun’s rays. And with Captain Greg’s expertise, you’ll be able to handle select creatures.

Sea Captain Greg holding a shell
Captain Greg posing with an ocean find

However, Sea-N-Things isn’t just a way to splash around in the Gulf, it also offers its well-known sunset cruises. These cruises have everything an ocean lover could want, complete with dolphin siting and the melting beauty of an unadulterated Gulf Coast sunset. Captain Greg recommends bringing and having a camera at the ready; no two sunsets are the same! 

Captain Greg assures future guests that his boat is accessible for all ages and ranges of mobility. For more information and questions, visit his website.  


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