Summer’s Breezy Fashions


The National Climatic Data Center says the first week in August is typically the hottest, most hellish week of the year in this part of Florida. And as we all know, the steamy dog days will linger long after.

But don’t sweat it. We’ve got your guide to summer style with clothing that
is cool, comfortable and fashion-forward. Add a wide-brimmed hat and some fun
sunnies and you’ll emit nothing but cool confidence all summer long.
Shopping trip anyone?

1. Choose lightweight,
light-colored natural fabrics
that are breathable and
absorbent such as linen or
cotton (pima cottons are
ideal). Select poly-combos
for exercise clothing only
if they boast moisture wicking
weaves. Save the spandex for January.

2. Loose, flowy clothing such as trapeze and maxi dresses are a big part of this year’s fashion silhouette. Not only do they allow heat to escape, but they hide a multitude of sins that tend to crop up as we age. Long,
wide-legged linen pants are
actually cooler than most
tight-fitting yoga shorts.


3. Avoid solid or bold-color tops, especially if you will be spending time outside. Face it, underarm sweat rings are the pits (pardon the pun) so
apply antiperspirant and choose short-sleeved or sleeveless white or pale colored blouses for those outdoor occasions.


4. On to undergarments.
Skip the foam-padded bras
(major sweat-makers) and
opt instead for comfortable,
cotton bras or a plunging
lacy bralettes. Toss the
polyester thongs and
panties that trap moisture
and bacteria (which
can lead to urinary tract
infections). Instead, seek
out loose-fitting cotton
panties that allow air to circulate. Not quite as sexy, but neither are UTIs.


5. Avoid heavy jewelry
which can heat up in the
summer sun and stick to
your skin. Lightweight
earrings are the perfect
summer fashion accessory.




6. Choose a small summer
purse filled only with the
basic necessities to keep
things lightweight and easy.
Tuck a small spray bottle
of water inside and mist
yourself when you start to
heat up.













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