The New St. Pete Pier

The New St. Pete Pier

Thumbnail image from The Architect’s Newspaper

Opened in July of this year, St. Pete’s new pier has been a huge hit with both locals and tourists. A proclaimed modernized upgrade from the old St. Pete pier, this open air, breezy pier presents the opportunity for folks to stroll in the sun and walk among lush palm trees while gazing at the emerald water. The 26-acre attraction is perfect for an array of activities, from shopping to bike rides.  

Attractions at St. Pete’s Pier

The Sun Coast area pier hosts several unique points of interest for visitors. Just one of these is the modern sculpture aptly named “Bending Arc,” created by Tampa Bay native and international artist Janet Echelman. This expansive 428-foot-wide attraction is perfect for a photo or afternoon of cloud watching through its blue and white stripes, reminiscent of the iconic beach umbrellas that pepper Florida’s beaches.  

Image from The Architect’s Newspaper

Another attraction that calls the new pier home is The Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center. Here, you can learn about Tampa Bay’s unique ecosystem by getting up close and personal with the beings that call the Bay home. You can purchase tickets and plan your visit ahead online at their website,  

The Center is always looking for volunteers to help keep their doors open. If you’re interested, visit their website at  

Not only is the pier a great walking experience, but it also acts as a space for event hosting, such as the picturesque pumpkin patch that was set up during the month of October. To keep up with different scheduled events at the Pier throughout this month, see the calendar at  


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