Looking to be successful in 2017? Once you’ve lived awhile, it’s easy to see how much your habits and beliefs about yourself influence the greater pattern of your existence.

As a New Year approaches, it’s a perfect time to examine the things that make you feel good, versus the things that thwart your own personal progress. Using the chart above, make a list of the qualities you have that are aligned with the habits of success.

1. Do you read everyday? What book did you love as a child that you could revisit today with new vigor?

2. Do you have a sense of gratitude? It’s amazing how your viewpoint changes if you begin to focus on what is working in your life as opposed to what little piece of the puzzle has yet to be solved.

3. Do you give other people credit for their ideas? Embracing the gifts of those around you is an incredibly free experience that offers you a new perspective on your own potential, as well as a fresh glimpse at what gifts and talents of your own they are able to reflect back to you.

4. Do you share information and data? If new insights gained through reading, social media or life experience give you a newfound sense of enthusiasm, let that enthusiasm multiply by sharing it with others!

5. Exude joy. As they say, like attracts like so take all the chances you can at embodying that feeling of joy and reminding your nervous system that’s exactly how you like to feel.

6. Do you embrace change? Are you stuck in old patterns that prevent growth or are you stepping out into the wild unknown with the courage to meet life on your terms? The best medicine I know is letting go.

7. Do you have a to-do/project list? Keep your eye firmly on the future by filling your mind with things to look forward to, like learning, setting goals and envisioning a life plan.
Trust me, your self will thank you.


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