5 Tips to Lower Your Out-of-Pocket Medication Costs in January

5 Tips to Lower Your Out-of-Pocket Medication Costs in January

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Whether or not you stay up to mark the new year, an expensive reality hits many Americans on January 1: medical insurance deductibles reset to zero and out-or-pocket costs go up.  

Along with co-pays and coinsurance, those out-of-pocket costs can put essential medications out of reach. Many people are forced to choose between paying bills, their medications and putting food on the table. It’s no wonder Gallup polls consistently find healthcare costs to be one of this country’s greatest worries.  

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But there are ways to cut those high out-of-pocket costs. The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation, a national charity that provides financial assistance to help people pay for their prescription medications, offers these tips for reducing your out-of-pocket costs for the lifesaving medications you need.  

Tips to save yourself out-of-pocket costs in the New Year

Talk to your healthcare team. Be honest with your doctor and pharmacist about the challenge of affording your medications. It may be difficult for you to talk about your finances, but remember, your healthcare team is on your side. Let them know what you can afford and they may be able to tailor a treatment plan that fits within your budget. 

Look into “Extra Help.” Medicare beneficiaries may quality for programs like Extra Help, also known as the Low-Income Subsidy program. This program can significantly reduce your prescription costs. For more info, visit ncoa.org/economic-security/benefits/prescriptions/lis-extrahelp/.  

Ask for generics. Many name-brand drugs now have generic equivalents, especially if the drugs you’re taking have been on the market for a while. Generics are significantly cheaper than their name-brand versions. And don’t worry, generics are run through the same safety and efficacy tests by the FDA to ensure their quality and effectiveness. 

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Sign up for FundFinderFundFinder is a free web-based app developed by the PAN Foundation that connects you with a charitable patient assistance foundation that could help pay the out-of-pocket costs for your prescription medications. Rather than having to monitor multiple foundations to see if they’re offering funding, FundFinder checks for you and alerts you through email or text when the financial help that you need is available at PAN or another charitable foundation. To find out more, visit panfoundation.org/fundfinder/.  

Shop around. You’d be surprised how much drug costs can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Make a few calls to make sure you’re not paying more than you have to for the medications you need. Ask about discounts and coupons, like the NeedyMeds discount card (needymeds.org/drug-discount-card), which could help you save up to 80% off prescription drug prices.  

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