Top 5 of 15 Viral Products You’ll Want To Get for Everybody On Your Holiday List

Here are the first 5 of 15 of the coolest, wildest, and smartest products available to the public in 2017. These gadgets and gizmos have been selling like crazy all year long. With the holidays approaching, this list will make your shopping easier because you’ll find the perfect “must-have” device for everybody on your list.

Many of them are products you’d never even expect to go viral, but they sold millions worldwide! Not only can you read about them here, you can click the links provided if you want to order them, without having to pick up the phone. . .or even leaving your house.

1. TrackR Bravo — Never Lose Anything Again

You will never lose anything again. There is a reason these coin-sized saviors are selling out. They let you track anything! TrackR is so small you can attach it to any item you never want to lose. And TrackR will track it! Never worry about where you put down your keys or parked your car again. TrackRs even have a sticky back so you can attach and hide them. People have used their TrackR Bravos with wallets, purses, luggage, keys, bikes, cars, backpacks, pets, and even kids! Kathy from the U.S. bought one for each of her two dogs and said, “Already helped when one got loose. Found him within 10 minutes.” Think of the time, money, and energy Kathy’s TrackR saved her and her family. Instead of searching the streets for hours or days, they simply activated their TrackR and located their pooch. If your object is out of range, TrackR’s crowd GPS will use the tens of thousands of other users to locate your object. If you misplace your phone, the TrackR will make it ring, even if it’s on silent. This is a gotta have device and a gift everybody will love.

2. Siren Song — Personal Protection Alarm

Anybody who walks or jogs alone must get a Siren Song. It’s small but offers so much protection! This little alarm emits an ear-piercing 130 decibels. That’s the same as a military jet taking off — with afterburners! Here’s how it works. You simply pull the pin, and the blast of noise will startle an attacker and get the attention of everybody who’s around. Attention is the last thing a bad guys want, so he’ll run away. There’s even a decoy button on the device, but pressing it will not silence the scream. One user said, “This is much more effective than using mace or pepper spray.” These are great for kids, teens, women, delivery people, and anybody who wants peace of mind when they’re out at night. Over 100,000 sold in 2017 and they’ll probably sell out the entire inventory during the holiday season. If you’re going to order, order now.

3. KeySmart

What an idea! It’s amazing it took until 2017 to come up with this, but since hitting the market, this sleek and stylish key organizer has been flying off shelves. Over 2,000,000 were sold. KeySmart takes your jumble of keys and turns them into a “Swiss Army Knife” key organizer. This brilliant gizmo is so easy to use, so easy to carry, and makes it so easy to find and access the key you need. No more bulge of keys punching holes in your pockets or filling up your whole purse. No more jingling metal as you walk. KeySmart is awesome! Guess how many keys it can hold? Not 2. Not 4. Not 8. It can hold 14 keys! You can even attach your car’s fab. Customize it and attach a USB storage device and bottle opener, both available separately on the Keysmart website. Count on your KeySmart lasting a long time because it’s engineered with airplane-grade aluminum and stainless steel. What’s in your pocket?

4. Fixd — Car Diagnostic

If you can’t trust your auto mechanic, you might be spending a lot more money on unnecessary repairs. Dishonest mechanics can take advantage of you because they know you can’t do the work yourself. An untrustworthy mechanic can tell you your car needs extra work when it really doesn’t. And you’re stuck! But. Not. Any. More. You can diagnose problems yourself with Fixd and your phone. It works in a similar fashion to your mechanic’s diagnostic tool and tells you in simple language if there is a problem. If the Check Engine light comes on, Fixd will tell you what the problem is. Then you can take your car to the mechanic knowing full-well what has to be done, thanks to Fixd. Do you realize how much money this can save you? Thousands and thousands of drivers realized, and so Fixd sold as fast as a Ferrari this year. Get one for each of your cars and start saving money.

5. Peeps — Cleaner Glasses

Aren’t you annoyed when your lenses get dirty, smudged, and dusty, stopping you from seeing clearly? It’s seems like it’s nonstop! Not only do they impair your vision, they can distract people who are talking to you. (They’re thinking, “She needs to clean her glasses.”) Peeps presents a stylish, quick, and trendy way to keep those lenses clear. Peeps uses carbon technology so precise and so soft, it’s used by NASA to clean super-sensitive (and expensive) equipment on the International Space Station. (Read: It’s safe for your glasses.) 125,000 optometrists trust it and over 1.5 million eyeglass users keep Peeps with them. At 4 inches long and available in a variety of colors, Peeps might be the perfect Secret Santa gift or stocking stuffer. (You can get one for your glasses, too!)

Keep an eye out tomorrow for #’s 6 through 10 of the coolest, wildest, and smartest products available to the public in 2017



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