Transition in the Time of COVID

Transition in the Time of COVID
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By Susan Goldfein  

So, it’s November, and we finally made the seasonal transition. We left the chilly northeast for the warmer air of Florida. We were a month later this year, attributable to the COVID-19-induced fear of flying. But when scarves and hats are required for outdoor dining, one is inclined to take a risk. So complete with masks, gloves and Sam the Dog, we boarded a plane. 

Due to the compulsive need to leave everything in perfect order, as if no one ever lived in the house, I experienced the same pre-move craziness that I’ve written about in the past, up to and including waking with a start at 3 am because I had neglected to vacuum the lint trap in the dryer. 

A Transition in 2020

What was different about this year, however, was packing. Typically, I’m way too insecure to leave very much behind. You know what I mean. The very handbag that I decided not to take would be the one that would be perfect for this evening. But lately, this evening, and most all evenings, have included a home-cooked meal and Season 4 of another Netflix series. And one certainly does not require a handbag to travel from the dining table to the couch in front of the TV. 

When it came to clothing, we did travel light. Dress-up shoes, pretty blouses and fancy pants were left behind in exchange for Clorox, anti-bacterial wipes, counter spray, masks and disposable gloves. And 18 rolls of toilet paper. Just in case. 

Packing for the transition to winter is never easy, especially this year. Image from Pixabay

So, we arrived in Florida and are still settling in. I’ve been very busy stowing the disinfectants and the 18 rolls of toilet paper, and managing the acquisition of groceries without actually going to a store. It took me two days, but I finally figured out how to change my address on Instacart. Thus, I have allayed the fear that my Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream would be melting at my front door in Connecticut. 

What better way to brave the yearly transition than with ice cream?
What better way to brave the yearly transition than with ice cream? Image from Pixabay

With Instacart in place, I can move on to correct the other seasonal glitches that plague us each year upon our return. And once we deal with the barbecue that won’t fire up, the outdoor lights that have stopped working and why our not-so-Smart TV won’t let us watch Season 5 of our Netflix series, I know I’ll be glad we’re here. 


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