Traveling the path of gratitude

Last month’s Share Your Story challenge asked readers to share their greatest lessons from traveling the world, and poet Paula Timpson sent this beautful poem about finding peace in the most unexpected of places. – Editor

Just Be by Paula Timpson

Before we had our son, my husband and I traveled and learned how much
we truly have in America which we took for granted.


I went to China alone.

I learned how much
we take
water for granted.

Mexico’s humbleness
stayed in our hearts forever.
Italy’s roots of family
ignited our spirits to soar and believe.
Burmuda’s dolphins lit our hearts
and I soon became pregnant.

We haven’t traveled in some time
and we are aware
that as long as
we are happy within
we are at peace
and don’t need to
go so far to find joy.

Like in the Wizard of Oz
it is right here in our own backyards
and always was.
Home is our sanctuary.
We like to have a home base
and a refreshing lightness.

Czech was a dark area I went to alone
to try and find my heritage.
I found happiness one day
in Switzerland’s bright sunshine.

The first time we went to Venice
I thought we would move there someday.
The second time we learned
we don’t need to move anywhere
because here is where we belong.

Now our son is our dream.
He blesses us each day with new
He is our vacation in his bluest eyes.
In him we see what makes life worthwhile.

In the end travel teaches us how nice it is to come home and stay there awhile and
just be.



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