Simple, Holistic Ways to Treat Coronavirus in Seniors

Simple, Holistic Ways to Treat Coronavirus in Seniors

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By Rebecca Fending

If you do happen to contract the coronavirus, do not panic. It’s possible to treat the coronavirus in seniors. Catching the virus early enough and getting the right treatment will allow you to move past the virus. Although this is a new and unfamiliar virus that’s risen to the level of worldwide concern, many sources claim that it’s no different than treating a wicked cold or flu.   

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Clean and Disinfect to Protect

The first and most important thing to do if you or someone in your household contracts coronavirus is to thoroughly clean and disinfect on a daily basis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the best way to stay on top of keeping the virus from nesting in your home is to first clean and then disinfect. By cleaning and clearing surfaces prior to disinfecting (i.e. using chemical cleaners), this leaves very little room for viruses to spread and breed in your home.

Catch Those Zzz

It may seem obvious, but getting plenty of quality sleep can help you heal more than any other treatment when sick (yes, even with mystery viruses such as coronavirus). When your body enters the REM cycle of sleep, it works to replenish your energy and immune system which is why your body craves sleep while sick. Sleep gives your body a break and lets it focus on other key internal functions to ensure your quick recovery. So if you feel sleepy while sick, be sure to listen to your body and take a power nap or go to bed early.

Keeping Up Your Immune System

Another great way to keep your body from succumbing to the worst of the coronavirus symptoms is by keeping your immune system strong. One of the easiest ways to do so is by consuming a number of different citrus fruits. Citrus fruits contain an astronomical number of nutrients and vitamins, one of which is vitamin C. This vitamin helps support your immune system by fighting against free radicals, such as virus molecules in your body’s bloodstream. Since your body can not produce this vitamin on its own, you need to eat your vitamin C in order to keep your body healthy.

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Oregano Oil

I can personally attest to this holistic preventative and treatment measure for illnesses caused by a virus similar to is ethat of the coronavirus. When I studied biology in college (before I changed my area of study), I was enrolled in an entry-level biology lab in which our final project was to create our own lab study. I chose to test the effectiveness of three essential oils against infections and viruses: lemon, lavender, and oregano essential oils. As I was familiar with oregano oil’s virus-killing quality, I chose it as one of the oils to test against lab-grown and controlled infections and viruses.

Ultimately, oregano oil was the most effective at inhibiting the growth of different infections, such as strep and even e.coli. It’s recommended that you should not consume the oil by mouth, but instead, add it in a humidifier and breathe in the aroma as you sleep. 

Zeolite to Wipe Away Coronavirus in Seniors

… a great name, even better solution! This alkaline mineral has been used as a way to combat Ebola (remember when that virus panic ensued?) and is now being recommended as a way to combat the exploding coronavirus. It comes in powder or liquid, the latter of which you can even purchase online through Walmart for only $20. Zeolite’s unique crystal structure makes it great at extracting heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria from the body.

Zeolite in powder form can help treat the coronavirus in seniors. Credit:

Although these three treatments can be effective; they are not guaranteed to “cure” you of coronavirus. Of course, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that the use of oregano oil and Zeolite are right for you. Using these three alternative options can help get you back to your normal self and help you beat coronavirus or any other type of virus. Learn more about how you can help protect yourself against viral illnesses in the future here.


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