Thanks to Vintage Paws Sanctuary, “Speedy” Finds His Silver Lining

Thanks to Vintage Paws Sanctuary, “Speedy” Finds His Silver Lining

Thumbnail image of “Duke,” Speedy’s friend

By Carlene Cobb  

“I cannot imagine life without Speedy,” says Victor Baut, who has provided a foster home for Speedy since 2013. Displaced and sent to an animal shelter in Desoto County, this senior dog became a lucky dog when he was rescued by Vintage Paws Sanctuary and connected to his “happily ever after” home.  

“We are a safe haven that rescues, rehabilitates and cares for displaced senior dogs, and we do whatever it takes to restore their comfort and dignity,” says Jennifer Hummel, Vintage Paws Sanctuary President and CEO. “That includes veterinary care and any needed surgeries, finding the dogs loving homes through foster or adoption or caring for them for the rest of their lives here at Vintage Paws Sanctuary.”  

VPS Founder Jennifer is frequently seen in her truck, transporting new arrivals or VPS senior dogs to and from the vet. 

Speedy’s care began with patient, specific training to keep him safe. Quick on his paws, his mature age didn’t slow him down nor stop him from slipping through a closing gate to dash away while people chased him to secure him again inside the fence. 

“He loves to run. Within about two weeks of working with Speedy, he was much better about that,” recalls Baut. “Then, he showed us his other superpower. When new arrivals [at Vintage Paws Sanctuary] were scared, Speedy welcomed them, stuck by them and introduced them to ‘rescue life.’ One dog named Duke spent most of his life in a crate and was unsure about grass and trees — until Speedy showed Duke what it’s like to be a dog again.”  

Speedy napping on his dad, Victor

The consensus among this volunteer-based nonprofit is that old dogs rock and deserve to be loved and cared for as they age. Now 18 years old, Speedy still loves to run in the yard and go for rides in the truck. He’s had two major surgeries in recent years, with financial support from caring donors. He recovered and his cheerful energy lives on. 

“Speedy’s zest for life proves that old dogs do rock,” says Baut. “He’s done wonders for me, making me smile and laugh… I watch him sleep knowing he’s content and feeling loved.” Victor Baut advises anyone considering fostering or adopting a senior dog to, “Say YES! Be patient, help the dog adjust, give them time and love. You will soon see the wagging tail.”  

“The pandemic affected the lives of a great many senior dogs in our community,” says Hummel. “The Louis & Gloria Flanzer Matching Gift Program has made it possible for us to continue our mission. Every day, every gift makes a difference.”

Giving opportunities come in all shapes and sizes at Vintage Paws and this year, you will be able to double your contribution up to $500 when you make your donation to Vintage Paws through The Louis & Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust at  

About Vintage Paws Sanctuary

Vintage Paws Sanctuary is dedicated to saving senior dogs… four paws at a time by providing a sanctuary for displaced senior dogs to live out their lives with dignity surrounded by the loving care they deserve.

Vintage Paws Sanctuary is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 45-3687769, and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 

Photo Credits: Vintage Paws Sanctuary 


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