Virtual Summer Travel Guide for 2021

Virtual Summer Travel Guide for 2021

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By Matthew Stern 

As more people get the COVID-19 vaccine, there’s hope for an end to the pandemic that has put a halt on travel plans around the world for the last year-plus. However, many seniors must cancel their yearly summer travel plans once again to keep themselves safe as the pandemic continues. If you’re itching to get out there and explore this summer but find yourself stuck at home, visit some of the amazing places in our virtual summer travel guide for 2021 to quench your thirst for life.   

Explore the Seven Wonders of the World 

Exploring the seven wonders of the world is something that most people will never get around to doing in one lifetime, even when there isn’t a pandemic keeping everyone stuck at home. Now you can get up close and personal with some of the most wondrous sights in the world with a click of a button at home. Google Earth allows you to explore some of the most remarkable sights in history with enough tours to keep you busy all season.  

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Travel with a Virtual Cruise 

Tens of thousands of people are longing to go on their yearly cruises while there’s no choice but to stay home and miss out on the sun and fun they’re used to while the pandemic rages on. If you’re one of those people, try basking on a virtual cruise. The biggest cruise lines in the world have set up virtual tours and events so you can get your cruise fix while saving thousands of dollars and keeping out of those harmful UV rays. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. 

Enjoy Virtual Tours of the Best Museums in the World 

From the Natural History Museum in London to the Vatican Museums in Rome and even NASA in Washington, D.C., you can easily spend the entire summer exploring some of the world’s best museums and cultural destinations. You might even find that the views are better from your computer than they could be in real life.  

Natural History Museum, London. From Pixabay

Protect Your PC 

Just like you wouldn’t leave your most valuable belongings out in plain sight while traveling, you shouldn’t leave your PC and other devices vulnerable while you explore the world virtually. Downloading a VPN and using it to connect to the web before you start hopping around cyberspace will safeguard your data and keep your devices protected from viruses and other cyberattacks.  

Follow this guide to have a safe, happy, and healthy summer in 2021.  


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