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My ideal weight has been 155 pounds for quite some time. That’s based on the fact that I went into Navy boot camp weighing 140 pounds and graduated at 155 pounds thanks to those punishing push-ups frequently inflicted on me. It was the most fit I have ever been.

So when my wife and I decided to join Weight Watchers on numerous occasions, I set my goal for 155 pounds and did reach it – several times.

I must admit, it was always a razor thin achievement. We would go to the meetings wearing shorts and lightweight Tees. Prior to weighing in, we would empty our pockets of
keys, wallets, knives, coins, and take off our shoes and wrist-watches to get down to bare-bones pounds.

But if you are like me, once you get involved in a weight-control program for any length of time, you say, “I know the program, the points system, what to eat and what not to eat,
how much exercise I need. I can do this on my own at home.”

Unfortunately, I’m one of those who needs the discipline and routine of the scheduled meetings because as soon as I stop, the pounds begin to creep back on.

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But alas! I may have found the answer: Mindful eating. It’s all the rage these days.

Recently I’ve started choosing foods based on their nutritional value. I’ve cut back on salt, sugar, white rice and white potatoes while eliminating glutens, GMOs and other questionable items.

I keep fast foods to a minimum, and finish meals when I’m satisfied rather than when I’m full.

I chew slowly.

Consequently, I have begun to feel younger and more energetic. I have
also lost weight.

At my last visit to Winn Dixie, I hopped on the scale and was so elated that I lost 10 pounds, I spontaneously broke into a Steve Martin-style happy dance.

Not surprisingly the Winn-Dixie’s assistant-manager tossed me a questionable stare (and so did a few other puzzled onlookers).

Maybe they thought I was a little off or possibly experiencing a medical crisis.

Or perhaps it was the floor littered with my keys, wallet, wedding ring, sunglasses, pocketknife, coins, dollar bills, credit cards, paperclips, shoes, baseball cap, wristwatch and pants.

Michael Wright is putting together a Steve Martin-style happy dance video.
Those who can happy dance and wish to appear in it may contact him at



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