What To Do After 50: Pick Up a Paddle and Pickleball

What to do after 50: Pickleball

By Dale Bliss 

This new sport, Pickleball, seems to be rising in popularity quickly. According to Pickleballafter50.com and Pickleball for Seniors, it has become especially popular for the over-50 set. It is reported more than half of those engaged in Pickleball are at least 55 and 65-year-olds make up almost a third of those that indulge in this growing sport.

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Pickleball is a friendly and low-impact sport. It is similar to tennis in that it contributes to health and social functions among the senior set and it’s easy to learn. However, Pickleball is played with a paddle, a perforated ball, and is played on a smaller court thus requiring less running and not as much strain on the body. Less active adults may want to take this into consideration. It’s so much fun, experts warn that “playing continuous hours in a day can lead to overuse injuries.” 

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