WHO RESCUED WHO? Every Animal is a Rescue

Here is yet another heartwarming animal adoption story; this time, it’s quite an extraordinary pet, raised with the extraordinary love of a devoted reader. — Editor

by Merrie Hargreaves

When we moved from Michigan we left behind all animals. Though, I missed having a dog, so soon after settling here in Port Charlotte, I volunteered at The Animal Welfare League. They had a small Collie breed, Sassy. She was the type of dog I liked best, and I fell in love with her.

After convincing the rest of the family, that I needed a dog, and in Florida, it had to be in the house because of the great heat. This was my ammunition to convince my mom to let me bring the dog home.

Her size was of a Border collie, but a reddish gold version of that breed. She was fearful of people especially men, and one of her eyes was in an unnatural position with her eyeball turned in, so her vision was likely off. So it was thought that she had been abused. Yet, the shelter didn’t know much about the dog since it had been discovered one morning outside The Animal Welfare League.

I, myself, had social issues spending most of my time with my dogs before moving. Therefore, a new pet was the supreme thing for me and a loving home for her. We spent the weekend socializing with her before returning to work.

Sassy slept under my bed at night, possibility due to her fears. I fed her before I went to work, so she would get used to a schedule. When I came home about 11:30 pm, Sassy was right there wagging her tail as I walked into the house. It was so nice to have her accept me as I was, and I accepted her as my friend.

When I had her checked out at the vet, he said she could have surgery to fix her eye, but otherwise she was a healthy dog. One problem we were having was that every night after settling down for the night, Sassy would vomit under the bed. Sometimes, I didn’t catch it until the morning, but when I heard her, I had to clean it up immediately so it wouldn’t stain the carpet. I tried to be quiet to prevent waking up my sister who had to get up in the morning.

The veterinary said the dog was healthy, so we decided to see if she would adjust. As it was we kept her seven months trying to overcome the situation. I didn’t know as much about dog behavior then as I do now. Finally, I had to admit that I didn’t know how to comfort her and make her life better, even though we had some great times together.

Perhaps a home with a place for her to run, and someone to train her would be ideal? So, I had to take her back to the Animal Welfare League to re-home her. Somewhere Sassy could learn to overcome her fear of men with an animal behaviorist to sort out her issues.


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