Why Social Security is Important to Women


Women have challenging choices to make. Some may spend their entire adulthood in a career or job outside the home. Some may work for a few years, leave the labor force to raise children, and eventually return to work. And some may choose not to work outside the home at all. Whether you work, have worked, or have never worked outside the home, you need to understand how Social Security can help you and your family find financial security.

When most people think of Social Security, they think of retirement benefits — with
good reason. However, we at Social Security have you covered throughout your lifetime.

We are with you from day one, when your parents named you
We’re there when you get your first job
We’re there when you get married
We’re there to help if disability strikes
We’re there to provide comfort during difficult times
We wouldn’t miss your retirement party
We are with those who need a helping hand…
And we will be there for years to come…

Knowing you will probably be entitled to a portion of your spouse’s retirement
benefits if they pass away is an added security. On average, women tend to make less in
wages than men. Social Security pays a higher benefit in relation to earnings for people
who earn lower wages.

Social Security is with you through life’s journey, helping you secure today and
tomorrow. Any woman, no matter how young or old, would benefit from visiting our
webpage for women at socialsecurity.gov/people/women.


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