Wright Stuff: Bring It On 2024 & Tom Selleck’s Birthday

Tom Selleck

By Michael B. Wright  

It’s now January 2024. Another year has just passed us by. People are visiting clinics, consulting with divorce attorneys, and attending AA meetings because of indiscriminately kissing strangers under the mistletoe.  As I’ve mentioned in previous Lifestyles columns, at the end of this month, both Tom Selleck and I will be “another year older and deeper in debt. I was born at 3:38 pm, while Tom was born at 8:22 am (the old fart!). 

The Joy of My Life and I are both Selleck fans. I particularly enjoyed his Jessie Stone movies based on the writings of Robert B. Parker (the ONLY watch-worthy programming on The Hallmark Channel). 

Two of our favorite movies by him are “Quigley Down Under” where I first grew to appreciate the late, great, Alan Rickman, and “Her Alibi” co-starring Paulina Porizkova, on whom I developed an instant crush (as did every other red-blooded male). She’s still crushing it, and for a while I was following her on Instagram, even receiving a comment from her regarding one of my posts. This must mean she has a reverse crush on me, I’m sure.  

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Prior to today, some of my best years were spent when I was in military service. After my discharge, I became part of the 60’s “counterculture,” at least on weekends. I had a job in electronics, which meant I always had money, which also meant that now and then, other “hippies” suspected me of being an undercover cop. I don’t know if Mr. Selleck went through that or not, but I’m sure that, like me, he adopted the motto “never trust anyone over 30.”  
Yes, Magnum P.I. and I are both survivors. While I have survived 3rd degree atrioventricular heart blockage as well as an arterial blockage, Tom has had his hip replaced, and recent rumors circulating Hollywood indicate that Tom plans to go under the knife again, to try to look more like me. (Sorry Tom! There isn’t that much plastic in the world!) 

Perhaps at the end of some future year, Tom and I may find ourselves raising our glasses together as we declare: “never trust anyone over 90.”    

Mike misses the good old days and knows that sooner or later, bell-bottoms will return as a fashion statement, although he no longer owns any. If you have a pair of 30” x 29” bells you were planning to donate to Goodwill, contact Mike instead at micwrighthamo@gmail.com