Full and Fabulous February: Valentine’s Day & George Birthington’s Washday

Image by Terri Cnudde for Pixabay

By Michael Wright 

Welcome to the most powerful month of the year. Little, seemingly modest February controls whether its particular year is normal or if it’s a “Leap Year” which keeps our calendars in synch with the seasons since each year is technically 365.25 days long.

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It is also “Heart Awareness Month” which is near and dear to my heart (pun intended) since I am pacemaker dependent and still recovering from open-heart bypass surgery. 

On February 22 we commemorate George Washington’s birth date by going all day without telling lies (an unbearable day for politicians), and also randomly chopping down cherry trees in any nearby groves, the one day that this is not deemed “vandalism.” 

February 27 is “Random Acts of Kindness Day.” I used to enjoy doing this on regular days by paying the toll of the stranger driving behind me. Sadly most highway tolls are mechanized now, forcing us drivers to remain rude and unkind. 

The Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City runs from February 29 through March 10. This is where I heard the late great Roy Clark perform as well as learned to avoid buying strawberries on the festival grounds. (Buy at roadside stands after you exit if you want to save money.)  

Last, but not least, is Valentine’s Day on February 14. Within three days afterwards, we and our two best friends would travel to Wildwood to visit the Russell Stover Factory Outlet and score big on a variety of chocolates very economically. Now it’s simply “Russell Stover Chocolates” which includes the acquired “Whitman’s” brand. 

For the perfect weekend, we’d leave there for nearby Inverness to spend the night at The Crown Hotel, a three-story, British-themed facility, which was transformed into an assisted-living facility in 2001, sadly for us. 

Until next time, “Cheers!” (as I dry my eyes). 

If February has special meaning for you, please share your thoughts with Mike at micwrighthamo@gmail.com