Wright Stuff: Thirty Days Hast June (and Accordions, Bears, & Clowns)

wright stuff

By Michael B. Wright 

I’ve been carefully eyeballing the June calendar for dates and productive activities to keep me “off the streets and out of the bars and pool halls” – such as barbequing and grilling – neither of which am I adept at. 

June is National Accordion Awareness Month. (Coincidentally, June 2-5 is also International Headache Awareness Week.) 

June 1 is National Heimlich Maneuver Day. Giving random Heimlich Maneuvers is viewed as flirting and is frowned upon, unless you do it on June 29, which is National Hug Day. 

June 1 is National Black Bear Day. If you don’t know the difference between a black bear and a grizzly bear, I’m told it’s very simple: if you climb up a tree to escape, a black bear can climb up the tree and eat you. The grizzly bear will knock the tree down and eat you. 

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Campers, hunters and hikers in bear country have been advised to wear little noisy bells on their clothing to give advance warning of their presence and to carry pepper-spray in the event of a bear encounter. One should also be aware of bear feces found on the ground. Brown bear scat is small and full of berries. Black bear scat is full of little bells and smells like pepper. (Surely there must be some of you out there who’ve never heard this one before.) 

June 3 is National Repeat Day. (June 3 is National Repeat Day.)

Likewise, if you celebrate June being Give a Bunch of Balloons Month combined with June 12 as Red Nose Day, it becomes Pennywise Day, a good day for coulrophobes to stay home in bed. 

June 20 is the first day of summer. Last year I offended some overly-sensitive local pantywaists by referring to June 19th as Summer’s Eve. Go figure! 

If you also engage in unusual June activities or holidays, please share them at micwrighthamo@gmail.com.