The Wright Stuff: 30 Great Days Has November

veterans day
Image by April Bryant from Pixabay

By Mike Wright 

We’ve now entered the realm of November. Halloween is behind us. The living and the dead are on their respective sides of “the veil,” which has been thickened and sealed with Fibrin surgical glue. We’ve taken down the “Halloween tree” and put all the decorations in the attic to collect dust for another year. 
We were not blinded since Florida was not in the path of last month’s solar eclipse. The next eclipse we also won’t be able to see will be on April 8, 2024. 
What will we be looking forward to this month? November 21 is National Entrepreneur Day. My favorite definition of “entrepreneur” is one I learned from a favorite female comic, Elaine Boosler, as she shared a conversation with a previous date. 
Elaine: “So! What do you do for a living?” 
Date: “I’m an entrepreneur!” 
Elaine: “Oh! So you’re in-between jobs?” 

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I’ve gone the multi-level marketing route myself a few times, Amway among others.  They work for some people, but not for me.  The people who’ve been successful generally A) got in on the ground floor, and B) eat, live and breathe their product, almost to the point of making a religion out of it. 
So I won’t be part of the celebration on November 21. 
I don’t live, eat or breathe being a veteran either, but I will be joining my comrades for Veterans Day on November 11 for a complimentary meal, this time being very careful to avoid again losing my USS Cony ballcap. 
A number of United States presidents were born this month. President number 11 – James K. Polk who gave Polk Co. Florida its name, President number 12 – Zachary Taylor, who gave Taylor Swift her name, Present number 20 – James A. Garfield, who gave the cartoon cat his name, and lastly President number 46 – Joe Biden, who gave us the expression “I’m just Biden my time.” 

If you have any particular events you’ll be engaged in this month or any personal presidential experiences, please share them with Mike at


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