Wright Stuff: This Old Man, He Played Four

curio cabinet
Image by Nikolas Noonan for Unsplash

By Michael Wright  

We recently acquired another piece of furniture for our new living room. It’s called a “curio cabinet.” I was curious as to the meaning of “curio” since it was obvious (to everyone except me) that no home is complete without this requisite piece of furniture for housing one’s curios. So I did my extensive research, which began by uttering the magic words: “Hey Siri!” (Daniel Webster would turn over in his undercroft) and learned that curios are figurines or other interesting objects that invoke curiosity, and often share a common theme.  

These are things I always called “knickknacks” or “bric-a-brac,” neither term having that certain je ne sis quoi as does “curio,” and the aforementioned cabinet – according to the great 21st-century prophet and philosopher George Carlin – is simply “a place to put your stuff in.” 

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The Joy of My Life inherited its predecessor cabinet which now contains, among other things, a number of Tinker Bell figurines; several miniature Sphinx cats; one sloth; two sets of tiny teapots, cups, and saucers; six or seven lead crystal egg paperweights; and an ax-wielding tin woodsman, who has at his side the ever-vigilant Sheriff Grady Judd bobble-head, insuring that the cabinet remains a safe place to keep Joy’s stuff. 

I have no glass–doored, bulb-lit cabinet to keep my collectible stuff in. My “stuff” was a collection of British Bobby badges, fancy lacquered chopsticks, a variety of espresso cups and 15–20 generic airline “comfort” bags, which I left in Florida because there was no more room in the trailer to pack them. 

I am currently on a serious mission: to finish converting my newly acquired piece of furniture from a place to keep my stuff into a practical, fully- functioning desk and home base for most of what I do in the newly created “Imaginarium” located in one half of the “Joyful Creations” craft room which The Joy of My Life graciously shares with me. 

If you’re weird like Mike and believe that airline barf bags are better displayed by being framed and hung on a wall, send your support to micwrighthamo@gmail.com