Your Astrological Outlook for 2021

Your Astrological Outlook for 2021

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At the beginning of last year, I predicted that 2020 was going to be a tough one, but I never imagined the severity of change we’d experience. Once the pandemic hit and I researched the history of the Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter transits, I was gobsmacked to realize that the last time we had these same aspects was during the 1917-1918 pandemic.

There’s something liberating about not being able to go back from whence you came.  2020 was the proverbial burning down the house and we simply cannot go back to the way things once were. This is what happens when Saturn (planet of restriction and hard lessons) squares Uranus (the planet of revolution and change). The old falls away and what lies ahead is yet to be imagined.  

You’re not alone. Outer planets impact us generationally and we’re all in this together.

The bad news is that Saturn and Uranus will continue to square (if you haven’t guessed by now, squares aren’t fun) three times in 2021; Feb 17, June 14 and Dec 24th. We’ll have three times this year to process these important changes and lessons.

While 2021 isn’t without it’s hurdles, each sign has some much needed brightness to look forward to in the coming year. We are moving out of a time of conspicuous consumerism to an era that will value knowledge, intellect and depth. From now on, it’s what you know and who you are, as opposed to what you own and who you know, that has intrinsic value. 

Aquarius energy is the predominant energy so applying an Aquarian outlook will be beneficial for all. This means originality, eccentricity, freedom, radical expression, epiphanies, independence, idealism, intelligence and in-your-face honesty.  

With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, most of us should experience more ease and luck in 2021. As always, make sure to read your sun sign along with your rising and moon for a more accurate and complete glimpse into your aspects for 2021.

An Astrology Guide to 2021


Socialize, baby! Networking, joining clubs, organizations, anything group oriented either virtual or live will open doors for your life and career, which is still building slowly, with Pluto in Capricorn (your career house) until 2024. Slow and steady is the name of the game, and in 2021, success comes with a little help from your friends.


It’s all about your career. Taurus has just started to process seismic transformations with Uranus in your sign until 2026. Uranus is all about sudden, lightning-like changes, something Taureans are not particularly fond of. Trust that what falls away was meant to fall away and what lands in your lap is destiny.


You’ve gotta mingle for the jingle, Gemini. Get the word out. Writing and publishing will bring luck, or maybe a podcast. You might even travel, albeit carefully, to reach an international audience. If you’re not a writer, tending to your intellectual pursuits, maybe even upgrading your education to expand your area of expertise. This will all add to your bottom line, aka money.


Money, money, money! Cancers have had it tough these past three years, starting with those awful series of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. Shudder! Financial blessings are on their way. It could come in the form of large payouts, think alimony, inheritance, a bonus or even expansion of a passive form of income. Breathe deep and relax. The hard times are behind you.

The astrological signs finally get some good news! Image from Pixabay
The astrological signs finally get some good news! Image from Pixabay


It’s time for some Chansons d’amour, dear Leo. With Saturn in your 7th house of marriage and partnership, this would normally be a difficult transit. But thankfully, Jupiter is there to soften the blow this year as you settle into learning your Saturn lessons. It’s not all bad. Perhaps now is the time to reach out and embrace the give and take of a healthy, lifelong partnership. Some Leo’s may actually tie the knot this year. But don’t pull the trigger too quickly. When Jupiter leaves your partnership house, Saturn remains and will put this relationship to the test.


New professional opportunities are around every corner. There are changes afoot in 2021 and what makes a Virgo a Virgo is your eye for detail and spot-on (and sometimes annoyingly accurate) perfectionism. Your resume will be on the top of every HR heap.


Love, marriage, romantic expansion is bountiful for Librans in 2021. It could be new momentum in an existing relationship or a brand new love, or maybe even a baby. If this all sounds like a big “eww,” then a creative project could bring you success and joy.


Home is where the heart is and where your power lies this year. It could be buying, renting, renovating but chateau le Scorpio is your focus and your area of good fortune for 2021.

Thinking of redecorating? Probably a good idea. Image from Pixabay


Exploration and communication and wait for it… perhaps even some travel is on the agenda. You can thank me later, Sag. We know you love your adventure. Like Gemini, you’ll reach a wider audience and communication is featured, via publishing, podcast or perhaps that screenplay that’s sitting in your bottom drawer. Let ‘er rip, Sag!  It’s time to break out and be the Lewis and Clark of 2021. Just wear your mask over your nose.


The big payoff! To say that you’ve worked hard the past three years is an understatement. Like Cancer, you have hosted three years of eclipses in your sign. You’ve managed to have small bits of success along the way, enough so you didn’t completely throw in the towel. In 2021 you’ll finally start making the money, but with one hitch, it’s all coming from the work that you have been doing up till now. Think of the past three years as college, and you’re finally getting the diploma you deserve.


You’re the flavor of 2021! Nonstop good fortune for you, dear Aquarius. With Jupiter in your sign, it’s all about the water bearer (that would be you). Start trends, do you and good fortune will follow. One caveat, the year will start off slowly, but once Jupiter pulls away from Saturn, the luck will pour in the door, so manifest away. Most astrologers are focusing on the fact that Jupiter (good fortune) is in Aquarius, but don’t forget that you will be hosting Saturn, Mr. McSternmeister-teacher, in your sign for a few years. This will put you to the test, but as Saturn is your ruler (along with Uranus), you’ve got this.


Creative projects are featured for Pisces. This just might be the year to stay in, focus and get lost in your art, creativity and spirituality. You have a quiet year in store, but you’ll do well in solitude, which is what you like anyway. Do watch your health, because this placement is ripe for confinement of all kinds. However, Jupiter will be entering Pisces for a bit in 2021 and then for good at the end of the year, bringing you better fortune and making you the new “Flavor of the year.”

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